Top 15 Instagram Brands Killing It On Instagram

Top 15 Instagram Brands Killing It On Instagram

Instagram in 2022 is not just a social media network to keep up with your friends and family; it’s more than that. This application has adopted every new technology to transform itself.

Other than a photo-sharing application, Instagram has now become the hub of online Business. People consider any business trustable when it has millions of followers on Instagram.

There is a huge competition between businesses as everyone is trying to stand out and grow their assets. However, they are doing so because around 130 Million Instagram Users tap on shopping posts, most probably to know about a product or service. Do you see? These people might be interested in your Business too and can become your regular customers. Therefore, is helping businesses to get their customers from these 130 Million Instagram users.

In this article, I will tell you about the top 15 Instagram Brands of 2021. You can learn from them and apply their marketing strategies to grow your own Business.

#1: Recess

1. recess

 “Recess is an antidote to modern times. Sparkling water for calm and focus. We canned a feeling.”

Recess is one of the best company Instagram Accounts, in 2021. It’s not just a water brand, as you can tell by reading their Instagram Bio. Recess gained a love of the people by working on their content, making it creative, engaging, entertaining, and a light, humorous distraction from everyday routine. This top Instagram Brand chose not to spend money on commercial advertising. Instead, they chose to apply the organic approach to grow on Instagram.

Because they clearly knew what it’s like to be famous on Instagram!

#2: Haus

Haus’s provides aperitifs, a drink with multiple flavors extracted from fruits, flowers, and herbs. Especially for wine lovers to make them something lighter and less harmful than alcohol. Haus has always been open to their Instagram followers regarding their recipes and behind the scenes about making the product. This marketing approach results in the growth of the brand.

#3 Teva

Teva is one of the top 15 Instagram Brands in the early 2021s. Teva introduced casual sports sandal variety in 1984. In the current fashion situation, these comfy sandals are coming back to life. Teva used a very simple yet working approach by posting user-generated content. Teva-wearing fans use the hashtag #strapinfreedom, and brands repost their pictures. They are making people believe that Teva is for everyone –that’s what makes them one of the most successful Instagram brands.

#4 Bala Bangles

4. Bala Bangles

Bala took an organic yet smart approach when the pandemic shuts the whole world. They encourage people to work out at home without investing any money in marketing. Bala continues to engage with its audience by doing Instagram Live workouts using their equipment to advertise. This approach leads them to become the top Instagram businesses.

#5 Lululemon


Lululemon is an athletic clothing store with a clear mission to switch the world from mediocre to greatness. They collaborate with famous athlete influencers to inspire and motive the people of their community. This clothing brand of Instagram took the biggest step is they sponsored yoga events to build a connection with their customers.

#6 Madewell


Madewell is a clothing brand with denim and loungewear included in their category. Madewell frequently posts with multiple products tagged in every image and video. This is how they get more engagement and more customer reach. Madewell apparel store was created in modern city fashion, making it the perfect brand for Instagram. 

#7 Gymshark 


Gymshark is the most famous brand on Instagram with three approved accounts (@gymshark, @gymsharkwomen, @gymsharktrain) Gymshark makes many famous fitness influencers as “Gymshark athletes” They encourage their followers to check out the brand they are wearing and representing. By working with these influencers, they learned how this ambassador thing works. Gymshark’s content is simple yet down-to-earth to make every individual feel comfortable within their boundaries. They don’t encourage fancy editings –that’s what makes them the best brand using Instagram.

#8 Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co. set an example of how you can still run your family business even when it’s older than your age. They use Instagram and adopt new technologies like Instagram Live to keep their Business alive. Their online presence made them reach a new and worldwide audience base. Tiffany is an industry all about luxury, but their modern fashion of working made their posts generate eleven times more traffic and engagement than any other jewelry brand.

#9 Glossier


Glossier is a beauty brand and one of the top brands on Instagram. From the very beginning, the brand has distanced its content from the mediocre fashion in the industry. Their posts are mostly unfiltered and down-to-earth. They make their customers feel like family, and that’s how they did branding using Instagram.

They often use humor to convey their message and sell their products.

#10 Aesop


Aesop was skincare founded in 1987. It is a brand that believes in minimalism and simplicity and per seen on their Instagram Feed. They sell online and in stores also. Aesop applies the rule of simplicity while posting on Instagram, and this step of theirs makes them different and best-looking Instagram accounts.


#11 So Worth Loving

So Worth Loving

So Worth Loving is an apparel and accessory brand that encourages people to love themselves and promote positivity around them. They use Instagram to spread positivity, good thoughts, and lastly, to promote their products. They engage with their customers and assure them that we listen to them. As a result, they receive immense love from their followers. 

#12 Chambord

As a liquor brand, Chambord made its identity on Instagram by applying organic and fresh tactics to stand different from others and be in the top 15 Brands on Instagram. Chambord picks up the points where their audience was engaged and continued that work.

#13 Chubbies


Chubbies is a brand that is excellent at engaging men within their posts. The brand embraces diversity and authenticity in its content creation. Chubbies treat customers like a family; that’s what many people expect from brands to do. In 2012, they launched their swimwear options. This distinctive approach leads them to grow their Instagram Following to 3.5 Million.

#14 Beardbrand

Beard Brand

Beardbrand is a high-quality brand grooming product for men with beards. The brand wants to change the way people look at beardsmen. It wants to break the stereotypes. Beardbrand used Instagram to convey its mission and message to the people of a particular niche. That’s how they managed to be in the top 15 Instagram Brands.

#15: Starface


Starface is a skincare brand that knows how to use Instagram Stories for the benefit of the Business. Starface reposts stories from customers in which they are mentioned. They used funky yellow color as their theme of Instagram Feed. Their aesthetic and different approach makes them stand out from others. Their customer loves them!

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