Reasons Why Instagram is better than Facebook in 2022

Reasons Why Instagram is better than Facebook in 2022

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There was a time when Facebook was the best social media platform that was used from all over the world but when Instagram launched all the stats changed suddenly. Mostly teenagers moved from Facebook to Instagram due to various reasons that we will discuss later in our topic. Although Facebook owns both platforms, the community on Instagram is growing faster than Facebook. Expert’s opinions about Instagram is so hard that it will become the best social media platform in 2022.

Although both sites provide a better opportunity for every business marketing, Instagram is better than Facebook due to some top reasons.

These top reasons are:

1)  Instagram is more Mobile Friendly

All we know that Instagram is a mobile app but Facebook was a website. Although it has a mobile version now Instagram is more mobile-friendly.

This is one basic reason due to this Instagram has more engagement than Facebook that makes it best.


2)  Engagement Rate Difference

If we talk about engagement, Instagram is the winner of this era. On social media platforms, Instagram lefts all other apps behind in engagement.

This is another reason that’s why Instagram is superior media for businesses and attracts more peoples. An experiment about posts like for social media platforms takes place. When the results came then Instagram was the winner that have most likes on his single post than Facebook and all other social media networking sites.

3)  Easy Usability

Instagram is much easier to use than Facebook. The basic purpose of Instagram is posting photos. Users simply scroll down by liking, commenting and sharing on every video or photo. Anyone can like any picture or video by just tapping on his screen.

The Instagram interface is also more catchy than Facebook.


4)  Personal, More Fast and Secure

The main factors that make Instagram more superior are security and personal. If we talk about Facebook then anyone can go through your account, can see what you have shared on your wall and all other your personal details.

However, there is nothing on Instagram like this. You can see only those peoples sharing that you have followed or the peoples that allow you to follow them. This is the main speciality of Instagram that makes it best.

The loading speed of content on Instagram is also fast as compared to Facebook and other social media apps.


5)  Best Place for Brands

If we see as a marketing point of view then Instagram is again at the top. Its user-friendliness and ease of use make it superior and attract businesses to market through it.

As compared to Facebook, they constantly change their display algorithms for changing news feeds and this makes it so difficult to get organic traffic for brand posts.

This is the reason that every brand is moving towards Instagram for their promotions.


6)  Message Feature

Instagram has a built-in feature for messaging that you can use for sending or receiving messages to your loved ones. While on the other hand, Facebook has a separate app named messenger for messaging that makes a clear difference between them.


7)  Story Integration

Snapchat that inspired both Facebook and Instagram first launched stories functions. Both platforms integrate story functions in their apps also.

However, due to better interface and integration, Instagram again wins this race and became more famous in users as compared to Facebook.


8)  Reach

Facebook users are moving towards other platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. According to a report, Instagram has 1 Billion users and more than 80% of those are from outside of the USA. That is a clear fact that Instagram has more reach.


9)  E-Commerce Integration

Facebook is one of the best platforms for business marketing and many advertisers use it to promote their brands or for selling products.

However, Instagram has also start e-commerce feature and advertising of businesses has started on it. Its unique ads feature attracts more traffic and advertisers are getting more benefits for their business.

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Summary: All the discussion proves that Instagram is better than Facebook in all aspects. If you are a business owner and your business is not on your Instagram then you must start your business on Instagram and grow your business easier and faster.