Now a day, the most trending topic on search engines is “Instagram blocks for following more people why?” Everyone wants to know about the possible reasons and solutions to this.

If you press, “Follow” button on your Instagram and it shows nothing or status does not change then it’s clear you are blocked for more following. However, you do not need to worry about it; it is so common and temporary. In any case, Instagram also tells you what is the reason for this as shown in below screenshot:


Let us discuss what will be the reasons…

There are many reasons but here we will discuss the most common reasons behind this.


1.    Too Fast Following

As it is clear from heading that too fast account following is a basic reason for the blockage. Basically, when a new user comes to Instagram, he doesn’t know Instagram is pointing all his activity and aggressively he follows too many accounts at the same time. This is not good.

Instagram requires you to wait for some period of time before you click on the follow button for any other account. All these efforts are only for preventing spammers on their platform.

So, a simple result is to slow down your speed when you follow accounts.


2.    Per Hour Follow Limit Exceed

Like fast accounts followings, exceeding the limit of following per hour can also block you. When Instagram blocks you from following, now you must wait for an undefined time until Instagram allows you following more.

In Instagram policy, you cannot follow too much account in a short period of time as this shows a bot-like behaviour. You must go, do your other jobs, and come back to Instagram after a few hours and things will be fine.

You must go through “Instagram Limits”.


3.    Maximum Following Count Limit Reached

You know, Instagram allows you to follow only 7500 accounts. If you have reached your limit, then you will definitely be banned for more following.


4.    Use of any Restricted app or Bot

If you are using any restricted app such as an automation software or bot, then Instagram will throw your account on a penalty. You must never use bots or automation software that can harm your account.

In some cases, users hire a firm for services like buy real Instagram followers UK and they use automation software for this task. If the user left, their services but they do not remove his account from their software and results in auto-follow and likes.

We have seen many cases like this but you do not need to worry, I have also a solution for this where you can check which software or bot is accessing your account.

  1. Go to your settings
  2. Click on Authorized Apps
  3. Click on “Revoke Access” for those apps that you are not using anymore and wait for a minute so that your account restored to normal.


5.    Logged In to Account as More than One

Instagram also prevents you from following the action when your account is logged in as more than one person at the same time because it flagged their security and your account will goes for scrutiny. Especially, this is done on new accounts. If you are also facing the same problem then you must coordinate with your fellow user and make a plan about who will use and when. Although, it seems completely normal that tow users are logged in from different locations but it is not good at the same time.


6.    Instagram has become More Sensitive

Every social media platform is working on spammer prevention. Instagram also release new updates or update their back-end algorithm for this purpose. In this case, many accounts face issues although they do not do any spammer act.

Sometimes, Instagram becomes ultra-sensitive and block many accounts temporarily. In this case, just stop using Instagram for some hours, return after a few, and continue.


7.    How much Time Instagram block you from Following.

There is no authentic answer about this query and Instagram also does not give any answer about it.

However, we have seen that it is totally different for different accounts. Typically, it takes 20 minutes to several days depending on the accounts.

We also experience that, aged accounts on Instagram recover shortly as these accounts have longer history and trust and you can build trust value also by using Buyinstagramfollowers.UK services. However, newer accounts require more time for recovery from blockage as compared to these.

Note: If you want to follow a lot of people at the same time then do it on your mobile device. Because we have seen that users who use Instagram on their PC’s or such type of devices, mostly they face this problem as compared to the mobile device.