Top 10 Most Followed Celebrities on Instagram Worldwide

Top 10 Most Followed Celebrities on Instagram Worldwide

Instagram is the world’s famous social media platform and has about more than 1 million active Instagram users (Huang & Su, 2018). Due to its popularity, several of the most knowns and profound celebrities also use it. It is the source of open connectivity for celebrities and their fans. Celebrities not only post their daily life and work-life posts on Instagram but also use them for the promotion of their brands. Most business brands collaborate with these celebrities in order to gain rapid success (Liu & Suh, 2017). Instagram users can access celebrities’ life through their frequent posts and Instagram stories. Let’s look at the top 10 celebrities that are most liked on Instagram.

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Taylor Swift (149m followers)

Taylor Swift has more than 144 million followers on Instagram. She is famous for the world’s most popular and demanding singer, actor, and leisurely romantic. Her profound and attractive images are the main source to attract Instagram followers to follow her account on social media. Another way to Increase followers on Instagram is by buying Instagram followers UK from a trusted service provider. Her story highlights shot performance, promotion for new work, and other activities that are most common on Instagram (Nisbett & Schartel Dunn, 2021). She is also known for her beauty. She posts her daily routine and personal life activities on Instagram. She collaborated with several reputable brands on Instagram, such as CoverGirl, Apple, and Capital One.

Justin Bieber (165m followers)

Justin Bieber is one of the most eminent singers. He started with pop stars and now consider the most famous celebrity on Instagram (Lim, 2017). People really like him. His account mentioned handouts with other celebrities, celebrations, and pranks,s and cartoon face images.  He is about 26 years old. Along with singing, he is used to writing songs as well. He also posts motivational stories on his Instagram stories. His post gets about 1 to 3 million likes. Justine Bieber collaborated with some of the most popular brands on Instagram, which include Calvin Klein.

Selena Gomez (214m followers)

Selena Gomez one of the most famous artists, musicians,s, and singers. Her account on Instagram is full of pop star fare of selfies, where she is enjoying the event. She also posts her pictures with friends. Her Instagram account is a little different from other celebrities because she also takes an interest in the political event and also posts related uprights concerning ongoing subjects such as women's rights (Brown & Tiggemann, 2020). Her positive posts encourage Instagram users to follow her account because it creates a love for her. Her posts are full of creativity. She is considered to be the highest-paid influencer on Instagram because she is collaborating with multiple brands such as Coach, Steps Up, and Kmart.

Kylie Jenner (218m followers)

Kylie Jenner considers being the biggest start on Instagram. She is famous for her cosmetic brand, and her Instagram profile reflects her work and personal life (Lee & Kim, 2020). She is known as a markup influencer on Instagram, and most of the posts are on fashion and beauty. She is also the world's youngest billionaire, just at the age of 21. She started her business in 2015, and gradually her brand got fame all around the globe.  Her empowering personality made her the most influential personality on social media. She collaborated with Coty Inc.

Cristiano Ronaldo (267m followers)

Cristiano Ronaldo is a sports player and most famous as a footballer. He is international soccer. Instagram users love him for his sports posts. He has more than 33 achievements (Zarei, Farahbakhsh, & Crespi, 2019). He is also famous for an ambassador in the three most famous charity centers, save the child, world vision, and UNICEF. He servers for society and his contributive and devoted nature encourage his fans to attract more. She is working for several social concerns, such as poverty. He also collaborated with various reputable and progressive brands on Instagram, such as Nike, Clear, Abbott, and Inspire.

Kim Kardashian (208m followers)

Kim Kardashian is famous for modeling, and her instream account is full of her personal life and family photos (Evans, Phua, Lim, & Jun 2017). She is known as a selfie queen because her majority of posts are selfies. Her styles and glorious personality attract Instagram users to follow her account. She frequently posts on Instagram, which is the main cause of her strong connectivity with her Instagram followers. She is also engaged in business and also shows her activity in acting. Kim Kardashian collaborates with multiple brands. Some of these include JetSmarter, SKIMS, Balmain, and Lumee.

Ariana Grande (224m followers)

Ariana Grande is the most profound singer, and she is also having great visibility on Instagram. She is also interested in acting. She started her career in 2008, and now she earned a dominating position all over the globe (Brown & Tiggemann, A picture is worth a thousand words: The effect of viewing celebrity Instagram images with the disclaimer and body-positive captions on women’s body image, 2020). Her character as Cat Valentine was really liked by viewers, and she has more than 40 awards. She stepped up, speaking about her mental health and encourage multiple aged group people to open up concerning their emotions. She worked and collaborated with Starbucks, Lipsy, and Givenchy.

Dwayne Johnson (221m followers)

Dwayne Johnson is a world-famous actor on Instagram. His Instagram account is full of performance shoots, filming, pictures of his gym while doing workouts,s, and post about his family. Instagram followers like his workout and shoot post (Lee & Kim, 2020). During the pandemic, he posted his cooking posts which Instagram followers really liked.  He collaborated with Under Armour and Lindsey Vonn.

Beyonce (167m followers)

Beyonce is the most famous American singer and artist. She is known for her unique beauty, and Instagram followers all around the world really like her post (Lee & Kim, 2020). Among her famous post, her pregnancy announcement was highly viral on Instagram. Her Instagram account is full of her performance shoot, professional work, and personal post.  She collaborated with L’Oréal, PepsiCo, and Samsung.

Nicki Minaj (130m followers)

Nicki Minaj is a remarkable singer, actress, and rapper on Instagram. Her Instagram profile is full of her tour pictures, different events, and personal life, and with her few fans (Sashittal & Jassawalla, 2020).  She has more than 33 awards, and she rules the pop culture. She collaborated with Fendi and LUXE brands.

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