How to Share a Post on Instagram Story?

How to Share a Post on Instagram Story?

People love to share moments, updates, and highlights with their fans on Instagram Stories. One of the best things about Instagram Stories is sharing posts straight from your feed to your story. This lets you shout out to a friend, promote a brand, or share an interesting post with your audience. In this piece, we'll show you how to transfer a post with steps on your Instagram story.

What is an Instagram Story?

The Instagram app has a feature called "Instagram Stories," which lets users share photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. These stories appear at the top of the Instagram feed, where your fans can see them. Accounts have innovative features like stickers, filters, and text layers, making sharing content fun and interactive.

Why Share an Instagram Post on Your Story?

When you share a post on your Instagram story, you can do more than one thing with it. It will let you:

Highlight a post

If you see an especially interesting or essential position, you can share it in your story to draw more attention. This is a great way to show support for a friend, promote a brand, or share information you think your audience will like.

Increase engagement

You encourage your followers to interact with the material when you share a post on your story. They can respond to the post, send it to friends, or even go to the original post to like and comment.

Now, let's look at how to share a post on your Instagram story.

Find the Post to Share

You have to find the post you want to share on your Instagram story to share it. There are two ways to locate the post:

From your feed

Scroll through your meal until you find the post you want to share. It could be your post or someone else's.

From the profile

If you want to find a specific user's post, you can go to their page and find it there.

Once you've found the post, you can move on to the next step.

Access the Share Options

Go to the share menu to share the post on your Instagram story. Do these things:

Tap the paper airplane icon

In the bottom right corner of the post, you'll see a small paper airplane image. If you tap on it, a list of ways to share will appear.

Add a post to your story

"Add post to your story" is one of the ways you can share something. If you tap on it, the post will be sent to your story editor immediately.

Customize Your Story

Now that you've added the post to your story editor, you can change it to fit your needs. Here's how it works:

Resize and reposition

To change the size of a post, pinch it in or out. To move it, drag it around the screen. This lets you draw attention to a specific part of the post or make it fit perfectly into the style of your store.

Change the background color

Tap the brush icon at the top of the screen to change the background color behind the post. This brings up a range of colors from which you can choose a different background color that goes with the theme of your post or story.

Add Additional Elements

You can add things to your Instagram story besides customizing the post to make it more exciting and valuable. Here are some ideas:

Mention other users

You can credit them or get other Instagram users involved by putting their names in your story. When you type the "@" symbol and their handle, Instagram will suggest matchable accounts. Please click on the tab you want to talk about, and their username will be added to your story as a tag that can be clicked on.

Hashtags and location tags

Like in regular Instagram posts, you can use Instagram hashtags and location tags in your story. These help people find your material and interact with it more. Use the text or sticker feature to add important hashtags or search for location tags to link your story to a specific place.

Draw or doodle

You can add a more personal touch to your Instagram story by drawing or doodling on it. You can change the brush style and color by tapping on the pen icon. Add pictures, focus on specific details, or add artistic elements to make your account stand out.

Share Your Story

Once you're happy with how you've changed and added to the post, it's time to share it to your Instagram story. Here's how it works:

Preview your story

Before you share your account, preview it to ensure everything looks how you want. Tap the "Your Story" button in the bottom-left area of the screen to see how your followers will see your post.

Share your story

Once you've looked over your account and made any changes you think are necessary, tap "Your Story" again, but this time chooses "Share" to complete your report public. Your friends will be able to see the post in 24 hours.

Interact with viewers

Once you've shared the post, you can use the direct message tool to talk to your viewers. Ask them how they feel, what questions they have, or what they think about the situation. This makes your audience feel like a part of a group and connect with you.


Sharing a post on your Instagram story is a great way to get your fans interested, draw attention to exciting content, and send people to other profiles or websites. You can share a post on your Instagram story using the above step-by-step guide. Remember to check out the customization choices, such as resizing, adding text and stickers, applying filters, and adding extras like swipe-up links, mentions, hashtags, and location tags. Adding these features can make your story more interesting for your readers.

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