How to Make Your Crush Notice You on Instagram - Step-by-Step

How to Make Your Crush Notice You on Instagram - Step-by-Step

In this current era, several social media platforms are being utilized all across the globe. But, Instagram is the most widely used social media networking app. It is being used for many purposes, from socializing to branding & interacting with your crush, etc.

Whether it's your real-life crush or the one that has caught your interest online, getting their attention is not so easy. It would be best to have a plan, i.e., tried & tested, to complete this mission.

Getting started with acquiring your crush attention on Instagram

Prepare your Instagram account first

As soon as you start making your crush notice you on Instagram, the first thing they will do is visit your profile. Keeping this in mind, you must prepare your Instagram account first to make it look appealing to your crush.

Use an appealing display picture & bio

An excellent display picture & an alluring bio – that's enough to grab the attention of your crush when they visit your profile for the first time.

So, make sure that you have an eye-grabbing picture on your Instagram profile, with added filters too. Write about yourself in the exciting bio & something out of the ordinary.

Make your account public

Many people make efforts to make their crush notice them on Instagram. But, the majority of them keep their accounts private. It is where things stop even before their beginning.

Make sure that your Instagram account is Public. So, if your crush loiters around your account, you give them the reason to stay.

Clean your account

We all post stupid stuff & uncool pictures but realize it weeks, months, or even years later. If you are on a mission to make your crush notice you on Instagram, you must clean your account thoroughly.

Delete all unnecessary, unappealing stuff or something that portrays some opposing sides.

Post good content with great captions

Make sure to know the best & unique ways to style yourself. You must also know the art of taking good pictures that appeal to other people to admire you.  

Posting great pictures on your Instagram account is always a good idea. But posting stuff alone can't help as you must add great & inspiring captions along with it too.

Follow good / selected profiles

Don't be the person who follows everything & everyone on Instagram. It doesn't make sense at all.

You have to follow the selected pages, people, or celebrities of your interest only.


Don't be too prompt to reply to everyone

Even if you are free full-time, don't use Instagram every time. If your replies are way too prompt, it shows that you don't have any personal or professional life.

So, the best recommendation for you is to don't be too active & check out your Instagram profile after hours. 


Actions to make them notice you

Now you are done preparing your profile for your crush to notice you, with all the possible ways. It is the right time to start taking action to make your crush see you on Instagram.

Make sure to follow your crush

It's a rule – if you want someone to follow you, you must also follow them. The same rules apply to your crush as well & this is how it works.

To get the other person's attention towards you, this is the first step you have to take – follow them. 

Know their interests & followings

Why is it suggested to know the interest of your crush? If we generally talk about it, you must know the likes, dislikes & interests of a person you have a crush on.

On the other hand, it also goes in favor of Instagram algorithms. When you both have the same interests & the same sort of following, the targeted profile will more than often pop up on your timeline.

Like/comment on their posts

The social networking sites or apps are all about visuals, likes & comments so do Instagram. If someone likes your posts regularly, you try to keep in touch with them to keep the likes, comments & shares coming.

So, the same thing is suggested for your crush as well. Like their posts, leave sensible comments so they might feel interested in knowing you this way.

Tag them in your posts

We don't tag everyone in our posts. If we type someone in our Instagram posts or somewhere else, it shows that those people mean a lot to us & are essential.

If you choose to tag your crush in your decent, sensible & meaningful posts, it will make them feel special. You can quickly draw their attention towards you this way.

Leave a DM & be prepared for a good start

Now you are done making a lot of effort to grab your crush's attention towards you. There are a lot of chances that your crush already has you in their mind. It is now the best time for you to leave a DM.

Leave a lovely message to get their attention & it will quickly let you know if they are interested in you or not. Be prepared to start a good conversation, just like good friends. Make a good choice of words & make sure the sentences you write are error-free. Rest in your luck! LOL!!

Positive Signs Coming? A few signs that reveal your crush is also getting involved 

You have done each & every possible thing to make your crush notice you on Instagram. Now, it's time to observe whether they are showing any positive signs from their end.

If they start appropriately interacting with you, it's a good sign. If they are attracted to you, they won't miss any of your activities & will stay updated with you.

If they ask you for a meetup or something, they want to take the things outside Instagram. In short, the behavior, response & words will let you know the whole story.

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