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How to set up a Facebook store? | Tips 2020

Your own online store is a big step in any business. The possibility of offering your goods and services significantly increases the scope of the company’s impact and of course affects real profits. Combined with the ability to reach a very large audience that is offered by the largest social platform, this seems to be the perfect solution. From the article below you will learn how to set up a Facebook store and what the advantages of such a solution are.

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  • But what’s the matter?
  • Traders hate him! He discovered a way to set up a Facebook store in 4 easy steps!
    1. Add a bookmark to the fan page
    2. Choose a payment method
    3. Start adding products
    4. Attach selected products to company posts
  • Why is it worth to set up a Facebook store?
  • Profit from online activities

But what’s the matter?

In the beginning, it should be noted that the word “store” is used in this case a little exaggerated. Rather, it is a certain functionality in the form of a bookmark that complements the company’s Facebook activity. All you need is your own fan page – and of course products that someone wants to buy :). Buy Real and Active Instagram Followers UK form Social Captain. After configuring the service, your offer will appear on the main page on the fan page or under selected posts (which can bring very favorable sales results – especially for large ranges).

But enough admission, you’re finally here to get specific advice – so let’s get started!

Traders hate him! He discovered a way to set up a Facebook store in 4 easy steps!

Setting up a store and adding products is extremely easy. If you already have a ready offer, then clicking through all the options should take literally a moment. Detailed information about the service can be found here.

1. Add a bookmark to the fan page

A bookmark, like a bookmark, does not require any complicated configuration – at the beginning, you just need to select it from the list of available options in the account settings and add it to your website. Currently, the card is usually added and remains to be modified. You can check this by going to your account settings:

Settings → Templates and tabs → Store

The store should be on the list below. After adding the card to your fan page and possibly moving it to your preferred place on the list (just drag up or down), the tab will be visible on the main page. Buy active Instagram Likes UK can also help. All you have to do is configure it and add encouraging content.

Facebook Store one


2. Choose a payment method

The next step is to return to the main page of the fan page and click on the newly created Shop tab. You must first accept the terms and conditions (you can even read them, although as a rule, unfortunately, the terms and conditions seem to be less than the instructions to the pilot). Then you should see a window for choosing how your customers will shop.

Facebook Store two

It all depends on the business profile – if you already have an external online store, it looks great! You can connect it to the Facebook service and redirect recipients to your website (in this case check the option Purchase transaction on another website). If you want to operate only on Facebook, select the second tab. After clicking on the product, users will get a Messenger window and they will be able to contact you.

Facebook Store three

The last action at this time is choosing the currency in which payments will be made. At this point, you have basically configured the main mechanism of your Facebook store!


3. Start adding products

Why not just “add products”? Each article needs to be set up separately, so with a larger number of them, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself for some time stretching. What should be done to make the product start to please the eyes of the recipients?

facebook store four

Again, go to the Shop tab and make sure you enter all the necessary information – you will need a real photo or video of your product, optimized for Facebook requirements, product description, price or (in some cases) a link to an external offer. After entering everything you have to offer to the world, you can now enjoy the full functionality of the store.

Facebook Store five

4. Attach selected products to company posts

The fan page home page is not viewed as often as the posts that appear in the news. Therefore, it is good to influence recipients through published materials. If you have satisfactory coverage, nothing prevents you from including your product offer in the messages posted. Interested fans and readers will be happy to use such a service. How to do it? When creating a post, click the Mark product icon and select the items that best suit your needs. You can also add new products here.

Why is it worth to set up a Facebook store?

The question here seems to be justified not only how to set up a Facebook store, but whether there is anything to worry about. Given the benefits and possible costs of such a solution, the answer is in the affirmative.
* If you run, for example, a sole proprietorship and you do not have your own online store on a separate website, using the Facebook function seems to be a quite convenient option. You gain the possibility of direct access to your offer to people watching your business.
* If you already have an independent online store, adding shopping options under published posts will certainly not hurt. Of course, you need the right strategy ;).
* The undoubted advantage of this solution is the zero cost of maintaining the store and the ease of adding the service to your fan page.
* As Facebook itself informs, you can later add products to the Marketplace, where you can sell and place ads.

Profit from online activities

Once you know how to set up a Facebook store, you can easily start promoting your online business and expect tangible benefits. Just remember that if you want to develop and increase the possibilities of your business, you should think about an independent, professional online store. It’s okay to connect it to Facebook and use it twice! You can also buy Facebook Likes and Comments to update your social media presence.


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